Alpha Stationery offers a variety of cards to meet your sorority’s special needs.

For your convenience examples of some styles are displayed below. Click to enlarge.
Displayed are two types of fold-over cards (engraved and one color raised), two types of flat cards (engraved and one-color raised), a post card and a place card. The one color raised print cards are available for all organizations. The engraved cards are available for most organizations.

Visit specific pages to see samples for your organization.

To see samples of:

Fold-over Cards:
Engraved Fold-over Card
One-color Raised Fold-over Card
Flat Cards:
Engraved Flat Cards
One-color Raided Ink Flat Cards
Post Cards
Place Cards

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Example of Engraved Fold-over Card

Engraved Fold -over Note Card

Example of Raised Ink Fold-over Card

Raised Ink (Thermography) Fold-over Card

Engraved Flat Card, Black Ink, Font #8, Phi Mu bid card

Engraved Flat Card

Raised Ink (Thermography) Flat Card

Raised Ink (Thermography) Flat Card Horizonal

Raised Ink One Color Flat Card

Raised Ink (Thermography) Flat Card Vertical

Sororities enjoy using our quality cards for:

Bid Day Cards   *   Preference Party Invitations     *    Presents Cards     *     Invitations        *         Recommendations Response Cards   *   Membership Acceptance Cards        *       Thank You Cards      *       Parent’s Cards      *     Ceremony Invitations    *     Dad’s Day     *    Hand Written Notes

Either flat cards and fold-over cards are appropriate for all these uses.

Most women prefer fold-over cards for hand written notes.

Engraved or thermography (raised printing)?

Engraving is the time-honored highest quality printing process.  Detail is superb, colors are bright and true, quality is evident. Our engraving is usually two-colors, occasionally three-colors.  Engraving requires hand cut steel dies (male and female) and the inks are pressed onto the paper.  The paper will go through the engraving press several times so your sorority crest looks elegant.  The engravers skill at setting up the presses, registering the dies, choosing the right inks all combine to create a card you will treasure for years to come.

Thermography (raised printing) offers quality at reasonable prices.  Your printing will be one color, the ink will have a sheen and printing will be raised on the card.   Our printers are expert pressmen; the detail will be good and the printing quality excellent.

axo post card0001

Post Card Example

Place Card

Place Card

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